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Did you know that you can eat pussy underwater?  Yes, without a regulator.
  Do you know how good it feels to have your cock sucked at 30 feet?
  Can you imagine all the sex positions you can do while weightless?
  Do you know the intense pressure placed inside

your dick shaft while blowing your load at 30 feet?

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Here we are when we first reach the sand bar.  I quickly take off her
bikini top and jump on those delicious tits!   Her nipples were do damn hard!  She stands me up and kneels down.  She takes out my cock and begins to stroke it and jack it.  She looks up at me and takes her regulator out.  I watch in amazement as she slips her lips and mouth around the head of my dick.  She forms such a tight seal around my dick she can actually suck on it without swallowing water.  Damn that felt great!

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After several long minutes of some intense cock sucking I feel as if I would like to try some of the oral fun.  I lay her back on her tank and begin to play with that pretty pink pussy!  As I finger her I can even feel the heat of her cunt around my fingers.   Even in the cooler water, her pussy was hot inside!  I take out my regulator and began nibbling on her hard clit.  Her clit was so hard it stuck out as big as my little finger.  I placed my mouth tightly around her pussy opening and stuck my tongue in and ate her out like I was a crazy ass barracuda!  Her body and legs started shaking and the bubbles started pouring out of her mouth.  She has such an intense orgasm that I nearly choked as she clamped her legs around my head!

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After I made her cum that had me so damn horny!  I was ready to fuck the living shit out of her!  As you can see, I fucked her missionary style, Fucked her doggy style.  But, what felt the best was when she rode me.  I laid down on my tank and it acted as a table support.   I could hold her hips and she fucked me like it was in slow motion.  The good part of it was that my cock felt like it was ready to cum the entire time she was riding me.  It was some intense pleasure!  Can you imagine that pre-orgasm feeling you have lasting for some 15 minutes?  It must have something to do with the pressure.   It was unreal!

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Ahhhhhh!  I can't hold back any longer!  I can feel the cum churning and churning around in my nuts!  You know that feeling....you feel the pleasure start to creep slowly up you dick and it gets stronger and stronger!!  WOOOO FUCKIN HOOOO!!! She sucked the cum right out of me!   It blew straight down her throat and some of it even spilled out the crease of her lips!  On the Video you can see it blow right out of her mouth and flowed all around her face!  What an awesome sight - Cum floating all around the babes horny face!

My buddy was clicking pics and filming away!
  He took 194 pictures and 45 minutes of us fucking on video.
Oh yeah, his new cam did great! 

Okay Enough of the Tease Pics!!
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